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Amplifier Cleaner-Polish-Wax Amplifier Cleaner-Polish-Wax

Blends abrasive cleaners and waxes to enhance and protect the finish on painted surfaces.

Designed to be used as a single cleaner/wax or after compounding, Amplifier produces a high gloss finish with excellent water beading for a long lasting showroom look.

  • Removes swirl marks and oxidation
  • Creates a high-gloss finish and enhances color
  • Cleans and protects auto, marine, RV and motorcycle finishes
  • Works with rotary and orbital buffers

Our Price: $28.47
NanoCare Polish Creme NanoCare Polish Creme

Using nano-technology, this one-step polish, specially formulated for dark colored vehicles, creates deep gloss and a glass-like finish.

Nano Care Polishing Crème features easy-on/easy-off application and works great when used by hand or by machine. Bring great gloss back to aged, oxidized or environmentally damaged vehicle surfaces quickly and easily.

Our Price: $29.97
Tru-Glaze Tru-Glaze

Tru-Glaze Breathable Paint Protection is a low-dusting formula that goes on easily and comes off quickly, producing a deep gloss for up to 30 days. This easy-on, easy-off formula makes hand application fast & easy, while producing a deep, long-lasting gloss.

Our Price: $29.97
Rejuvenator One-Step Auto Paint Restoration Rejuvenator One-Step Auto Paint Restoration

Specially formulated product contains premium Carnauba wax for long-lasting protection and rich, deep gloss.

Rejuvenator’s fast-acting formula and one-step convenience speed vehicle paint restoration. Use with wool or foam pads.

Our Price: $30.12
Swirl Remover Swirl Remover

Designed to remove swirls from both fresh and cured painted surfaces.

Because it contains no fillers, waxes or silicones, Swirl Remover produces a clean, high-gloss finish that doesn’t wash away. For optimal results, use with either a wool finishing pad or foam polishing pad.

Our Price: $32.16
NanoCare Blueberry Paste Wax NanoCare Blueberry Paste Wax

Use on all automotive finishes including clearcoated surfaces, fiberglass or any non-porous, painted surface.

Made with pure Carnauba and Nano waxes and contains no abrasives. Additional applications include furniture, appliances, boats and other painted surfaces.

Our Price: $37.40
Tru-Polish Tru-Polish

Tru-Polish uses todays most advanced abrasive technology to remove 3000 grit sand scratches, car wash scratches, day-to-day wear and swirls left after compounding.

Our Price: $41.97
Nanocare Spray Wax 1 Gallon Nanocare Spray Wax 1 Gallon

Nano Care Spray Wax uses advanced nano-technology to provide both waxing and dressing of surfaces in just-one-step.

Use this product both inside and outside the vehicle on vinyl, leather, glass, plastic and all painted surfaces – will NOT turn plastic white. Nano Care Spray Wax has a pleasant grape fragrance.

Our Price: $50.01
Cherry Flash Wax 1 Gal. Cherry Flash Wax 1 Gal.

This liquified paste wax utilizes the same wax and DuPont onyl as our regular Flash.

This easy-to-apply product dries quickly and comes of easily, resulting in a deep, long-lasting gloss.

Choose the aerosol version to make hand waxing even faster and easier. Spray on, let dry, polish off.... it's that easy. 1 Gallon

Our Price: $70.37
NanoCare Banana Creme Wax 1 Gal NanoCare Banana Creme Wax 1 Gal

Fast and easy way to provide long-lasting environmental and UV protection to automotive and marine finishes.

With its great banana scent and dual UV inhibitors, it will deliver the most amazing gloss and protection available today.

Our Price: $74.97