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Buff Lite II Buff Lite II

Light compound designed to remove 1500-grit and finer sand scratches and leave finishes free of swirl marks.

Use it with either foam or wool buffing pads to create outstanding gloss quickly and with minimal dust and haze.

Our Price: $28.47
Super Duty Compound Super Duty Compound

Aggressive cutting compound designed to remove heavy sanding scratches and oxidation from both clear-coat painted and gel-coat surfaces.

It will easily remove 800 grit and finer sand scratches when used with a 100% twisted wool pad. Leaves a high-gloss finish.

Our Price: $32.94
Tru-Grit Tru-Grit

Contains special abrasives that provide the broadest buffing capability with minimal swirls.

It is formulated for removing 1000-grit and finer sand scratches from both fully-cured and 24-hour-old high solids and standard clears, making it the best choice for all shops. Use Tru-Grit to repair paint defects and to remove oxidation and environmental paint damage on any automotive coating.

Our Price: $36.72