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ZenaShine Plus ZenaShine Plus

Watermelon Scent Works Instantly No Wiping Great for hard-to-reach areas ZenaShine Plus clear, non-foaming detail spray provides water-resistant high gloss shine. Spray on vinyl, rubber or many plastics. Excellent for tires, door seals, rubber bumpers, a/c vents, etc.

Our Price: $11.57
Metal Polish Metal Polish

Designed to remove surface oxidation, brake dust and oily soils from all vehicular and household metal work.

Contains micro-abrasives that will not scratch or damage metals – even soft metals like copper. Use it on chrome, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, copper and other metals.

Our Price: $26.64
Ready Shine Water Based Dressing Ready Shine Water Based Dressing

A ready-to-use dressing that restores "new tire" look and dresses interiors without being overly glossy.

Our Price: $30.72
RTU Tire Dressing 1 Gal RTU Tire Dressing 1 Gal

Produces excellent gloss on tires without yellowing whitewalls.

Its special water-based formula contains no silicones or solvents, making it an ideal choice for body shops.

Our Price: $43.32
Flash Cote Dressing 1 Gal Flash Cote Dressing 1 Gal

The FLASH COTE ALL-PURPOSE DRESSING is a super fast-dying dressing that creates an ultra high-gloss shine on all rubber and vinyl surfaces.

The unique solvent blend gives a micro-fine mist for quick, even coverage without runs and drips.

· Ultra high-gloss formula creates a durable, lustrous shine

· Super-fast drying to help eliminate sling in the tire applications

· Sprays on evenly without runs or legs

· Cherry scent

· Contains no heptane or hexane for an improved safety profile

Our Price: $47.78
AquaBead Silicone Dressing 1 Gal AquaBead Silicone Dressing 1 Gal

Aqua Bead is a VOC compliant, premium, water-based silicone suspension dressing formulated to perform like a solvent-based dressing.

Aqua Bead’s high-gloss and durability combined with its superior water-repellent properties make it ideal for tires, engines, bumpers, trim and moldings. It’s great on interiors too.

Our Price: $48.59
Aqua Cote Silicone Free Dressing 1 Gal Aqua Cote Silicone Free Dressing 1 Gal

Aqua Cote™ Waterborne Dressing is a water-based, body shop safe dressing formulated to
produce a long-lasting, high-gloss shine on tires/rubber, leather, plastic and vinyl surfaces of
vehicle interiors and exteriors.

Our Price: $54.81
Bumper Brite Bumper Brite

A specially formulated, silicone-based dressing that produces a deep, durable shine on bumpers, plastic trim and molding.

Resists sleet, snow, rain and water for long-lasting durability.

Our Price: $60.63
Appeal Conc. Dressing 1 Gal Appeal Conc. Dressing 1 Gal

Premium concentrated dressing that can be diluted up to 1:5.

Create different levels of gloss ranging from a semi-gloss, satiny finish to a wet, dazzling shine. This durable, silicone-based, aqueous emulsion dressing offers ease of use and convenience.

Our Price: $76.37